The 331st Training Squadron Wolfpack, also known as the "Wolfpack," is a unit within the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) of the United States Air Force. Based at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, it's responsible for providing Basic Military Training (BMT) to new Air Force recruits.

Squadron Leadership:

  • Commander: Lt. Col. [Current Commander Name]
  • Senior Enlisted Leader: Chief Master Sgt. [Current Senior Enlisted Leader Name]

Squadron Leadership History

Maj Rita Drew, 1961-1965
LTC Diane E. Ordes, 1966-1968
Cpt Dora I. Duncan, 1968
Maj William Brandon, 1988-1989
Maj Echevarria, 1990
Maj Sampson, 1991
Maj Larry Workcuff, 1993-1994
Maj Regina Montgomery, 1994-1996
Maj Daniel Badger, 1996-1998
Maj Herman Jett, 1998-2000
LTC Suzzane Filion, 2000-2002
LTC Jererado Perez, 2002-2003
LTC Malpass, 2003-2006
LTC Thomas Schmidt, 2006-2008
LTC Stephen T. Gibson

Squadron Lineage:

The 331st Training Squadron, also known as the Wolfpack, has a rich lineage that traces back to its establishment on August 26, 1948, when it was designated as the 3743d WAF Training Squadron.

331st training squadron with new recruits marching

Photo By: Johnny Saldivar

In February 2016, the 331st Training Squadron Wolfpack moved into Airman Training Complex #4, marking another significant milestone in its history.

Over the years, the squadron underwent several re-designations. On May 15, 1973, it was re-designated as the 3743d Basic Military Training Squadron. Later, on August 25, 1992, it was re-designated as the 331st Basic Training Squadron. Finally, on April 1, 1994, it received its current designation as the 331st Training Squadron.

The squadron's mission is to provide world-class military leadership and training, a mission that it has been fulfilling since its inception


Lackland AFB, TX, 26 Aug 1948

Mission Statement for the 331st Training Squadron Wolfpack

"Provide world-class basic military training to transform civilians into Airmen enabling 21st Century Airpower."


"Leading the way to shape the AIRMEN of tomorrow."

331st training squadron with new recruits

Photo By: Johnny Saldivar

Squadron Mascot:


Squadron Chant:

"Wolfpack!... Lead the Way! Lead the Way!... Wolfpack!"

DECORATIONS for the 331st Training Squadron Wolfpack

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards

1 Jan 1967-1 Jan 1969
1 Jan 1971-31 Jul 1972
1 Aug 1972-31 Jul 1974
1 Jan 1977-30 Apr 1978
30 Apr 1982-31 Dec 1983
1 Jul 1994-30 Jun 1996
1 Jul 1996-30 Jun 1998
1 Jul 2000-30 Jun 2002
1 Jul 2002-30 Jun 2003

Air Force Organizational Excellence Awards

1 Jan 1984-31 Dec 1985
1 Jan 1986-31 Dec 1987
1 Jan 1988-31 Dec 1989

Did You Know: There were several training squadrons involved in the United States Air Force Basic Training scandal which refers to a series of investigations where multiple training instructors were accused of sexual misconduct with trainees at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The scandal, which came to light in 2011, led to significant changes in the way the Air Force conducts its basic training, including increased oversight and the implementation of new policies to prevent such incidents in the future