Vehicles used by military police and security forces around the world come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether patrolling a base, directing traffic, or responding to incidents, military police rely on their vehicles to carry out a wide range of duties. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the unique military police cars used to uphold law and order within armed forces across the globe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Military police cars include patrol cars, armored tactical vehicles, unmarked cars for investigations, trucks, motorcycles, and more.
  • Features like emergency lights, police radios, weapon mounts, and armor provide functionality for law enforcement and security roles.
  • While military police cars share capabilities with civilian police cars, they are designed to operate in combat zones and rough terrain.
  • There is a great diversity in military police cars fleets between different countries and branches of service.
  • Roles performed include base security, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, emergency response, and upholding military law and discipline.

Let's dive in and see how military police around the world equip themselves on four wheels!

Military Police Vehicles in the Americas

Law enforcement vehicles serving armed forces across the Americas exhibit some unique variations. Recent articles, photos, and reviews provide a glimpse of modern fleets in use.

us mp car


A gallery of current Brazilian military police vehicles shows armored trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and sedans adapted for law enforcement. Models used include the Chevrolet Trailblazer, Ford Ranger, and Fiat Toro. A review of Brazil's Army Police vehicles mentions the durable Toyota Hilux diesel trucks painted gray and labeled "Polícia do Exército".


A January 2023 article covered the award for best dressed police vehicle in Canada earned by the Canadian Forces Military Police. Their newly updated white patrol trucks feature bold bilingual lettering reading "MILITARY POLICE" and "POLICE MILITAIRE".

United States

In January 2023, the US Air Force Security Forces Virtual Museum featured the variety of base patrol vehicles used by Air Force security troops over the decades. Models like the Jeep, Dodge Ram, and HMMWV reflect the era. Current Air Force police vehicles include the Ford Police Interceptor and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Did You Know: The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor sedan served as the most widely used military police patrol vehicle in the United States from the late 1990s through 2011. Over 100,000 of these V8-powered, rear wheel drive Ford sedans were utilized for base law enforcement duties by branches like the Army Military Police Corps and Air Force Security Forces. The durable and high-performance Crown Vic achieved ubiquity similar to its use in civilian police departments.

The United States Army employs Tactical Vehicles like the Oshkosh M-ATV and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) All-Terrain Vehicles when military police require protected mobility usually when they've been deployed. Units like the 385th Military Police Battalion conducted MATV training in February 2020 at Fort Stewart, GA. Drivers praised the improved safety and off-road capabilities.

Military Police Vehicles in Asia

A variety of vehicles for military police can also be found serving in the armed forces across Asia.

asian mp cars


The Indian Army utilizes white Maruti Gypsys labeled "Military Police" in English and Hindi for the Corps of Military Police. The Indian Air Force Police uses similarly marked Maruti Esteems and other vehicles.


Military police vehicles in Israel include models like the armored Hyundai iMax, SUVs, and newer Hyundai sedans painted dark green with yellow writing in Hebrew. They employ trucks, vans, motorcycles, and UTVs depending on their duties.


Japan's military police drive patrol cars painted white with green stripes and labeled "keimukan" in Japanese characters. Models include the Nissan Crew, Mitsubishi Delica, and Toyota Hiace.


In Taiwan, the Military Police Corps uses black sedans and SUVs with "Military Police" in English and Chinese. Vehicles include Volkswagen Passats, Ford Escapes, and SsangYong Actyons for patrols.

Military Police Vehicles in Europe

European military police services operate vehicles specially equipped for their security roles.

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The German Bundeswehr's military police (Feldjäger) primarily employ Mercedes-Benz Vitos and Nissan Patrols painted white with green stripes. Photos from August 2020 show Feldjäger tactical vehicles like the ATF Dingo armored truck operating in Mali.


Poland's Military Gendarmerie (Zandarmeria Wojskowa) drive marked Skoda Octavia patrol cars for law enforcement duties. The green and white sedans are equipped with lights, radios, and other police gear.


The Russian Military Police utilize silver sedans like Ladas and Volgas with blue stripes. Their fleet includes trucks, vans, and other vehicles painted military green for tactical deployment.

United Kingdom

British military police departments such as the Royal Military Police and Royal Air Force Police use Land Rovers and civilian cars adapted for police work, complete with emergency lights and markings.

Military Police Vehicles in Oceania

In Australia and New Zealand, vehicles help military police cover expansive military facilities and training areas.

austrailian mp car


The Royal Australian Corps of Military Police patrol in Holden Commodore sedans painted white with blue and red police markings. They also employ buses, trucks, and motorcycles to carry out their duties.

Common Military Police Vehicle Models
Ford Police InterceptorUSAPatrol sedan used on bases in the US and abroad
Mercedes-Benz VitoGermanyCompact police van used by German Feldjäger
Toyota HiaceJapanVan operated by the Japan Self-Defense Force Police
Hyundai iMaxIsraelArmored patrol vehicle employed by Israeli MPs
Ural TyphoonRussiaMine-resistant truck used by Russian Military Police

Features of Military Police Vehicles

While military police cars share many attributes with civilian police cars, they have unique capabilities to suit their operating environments.

Patrol Cars

On domestic bases, military police use patrol cars like the Ford Police Interceptor, Dodge Charger, or Chevy Tahoe. They come equipped with radios, weapon mounts, lights, sirens, and other standard police gear.

Armored and Tactical Vehicles

Heavily armored trucks like the Lenco BearCat or mine-resistant Oshkosh M-ATV provide protection from gunfire and explosives in combat zones. They allow military police to safely respond to dangerous incidents.

Oshkosh m atv
Lenco bearcat

Unmarked Vehicles

Plain civilian vehicles allow criminal investigators and special agents to discreetly conduct surveillance and undercover operations. Military police sometimes use their personal cars.

Roles of Military Police Vehicles

The duties military police perform determine what capabilities their vehicles require.

role of mp cars

Patrol and Law Enforcement

Conducting security patrols, responding to calls, directing traffic, or pursuing suspects are normal police duties performed in clearly marked cars.

Traffic Enforcement

When enforcing traffic laws, military police cars may contain speed detection devices and equipment for administering sobriety tests.

Criminal Investigations

Detectives use unmarked cars to inconspicuously gather intelligence or transport personnel and equipment for forensic analysis.

Security and Emergency Response

Quick reaction forces and SWAT teams employ armored trucks and heavy tactical vehicles to swiftly respond to threats on military installations.

RoleDescriptionExample Vehicles Used
Patrol and Law EnforcementGeneral police duties like security patrols, responding to calls, traffic enforcementFord Police Interceptor, Mercedes Vito
Traffic EnforcementConducting sobriety checkpoints, operating speed detection devicesPolice motorcycles, patrol cars
Criminal InvestigationsTransporting investigators, conducting surveillanceUnmarked civilian vehicles
Emergency ResponseQuick reaction forces, SWAT, responding to threatsLenco BearCat, Oshkosh M-ATV
Tactical OperationsTransporting troops, providing security in combat zonesHMMWV, MRAP vehicles

As we've seen, military police around the world rely on specialized vehicles to carry out their unique mission sets. While fulfilling similar roles to civilian law enforcement, military police must operate in combat environments and various terrains. Trucks, sedans, motorcycles, armored cars, and other vehicles equip them to uphold laws, provide security, and maintain order. The diverse fleets in use continue evolving to support military police duties in the modern era.

Military Police Car Conclusion

Military police around the globe rely on customized vehicles to maintain security and enforce laws. Patrol cars, motorcycles, armored trucks, unmarked sedans, and tactical vehicles equip them for diverse duties from traffic control to special weapons teams. While catering to civilian policing roles, military police cars operate in combat zones and austere conditions unlike any police department. As new challenges emerge, departments continue upgrading their patrol fleets to carry out their vital mission. The next time you see a military police vehicle, consider the unique purpose it serves!

Frequently Asked Questions about Military Police Vehicles

What is the most common military police vehicle?

For patrol duties on US military bases, the most widely used military police vehicle is the Ford Police Interceptor Utility. It offers capabilities similar to a civilian police SUV.

What vehicles do military police use in combat zones?

Armored and mine-resistant tactical vehicles like the Lenco BearCat, Oshkosh M-ATV, and MRAP provide protection for military police responding to dangerous situations in combat environments.

Do military police have unmarked cars?

Yes, criminal investigators and special agents frequently use unmarked civilian vehicles to discreetly conduct surveillance, undercover operations, and sensitive investigations.

Do military police have motorcycles?

Motorcycle units allow military police to maneuver quickly in congested areas. Police motorcycles are used for parades, escorts, traffic enforcement, and patrolling bases.

What weapons can military police vehicles be equipped with?

Military police vehicles often have mounts for M2 and M240 machine guns to provide heavy firepower. They may also have holsters and racks to store smaller firearms like rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns.

How are military police vehicles different from civilian ones?

While military police cars share similarities with civilian police vehicles, they are designed to handle rough terrain, operate overseas, and protect occupants in combat. They have blackout lights, military radios, armor, and other specialized capabilities.

What vehicles does the US Army Military Police use?

The US Army MP Corps uses tactical vehicles like the HMMWV and M1117 for field operations. At US installations, Ford Explorers, Chevy Tahoes, and Dodge Chargers are commonly employed for law enforcement duties.

Do military police in other countries use different vehicles?

Yes, military police vehicles around the world vary widely. Examples include Toyota Hilux trucks in Brazil, Skoda Octavias in Poland, Hyundais in Israel, and Holden Commodores in Australia - all adapted for police missions.

How do military police vehicles compare to civilian armored trucks?

Armored military police vehicles employ heavier armor, run-flat tires, more powerful engines, and greater off-road capabilities compared to civilian armored trucks designed mainly for transporting valuables.

Why don’t military police just use civilian police vehicles?

Although civilian police cars work for many base duties, military vehicles allow operation in extreme environments with communications, armor, and utilities needed for military missions. Domestic civilian vehicles aren't designed for these purposes.