Have you ever seen a military time like 13:00 hours and wondered what that meant in "regular time"? Or needed to log hours for a timesheet at work using the 24-hour clock but weren't sure how?

Converting between standard 12-hour time and military 24-hour time can be confusing. That's why our online military time converter is here to help!

Our simple tool, a military time calculator, allows you to effortlessly convert military time to standard time, and vice versa. No more mental math and guessing - just clear, accurate time conversions.

Whether you're trying to read a military time schedule, log hours at work, or you're just curious about the 24-hour clock, our military time converter has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about military time and how to use our converter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Military time uses the 24-hour clock and avoids AM/PM confusion. For example, 1:00 PM is 13:00 hours.
  • Our easy tool converts both ways between standard and military time formats.
  • Knowing some basic pronunciation rules helps read and say military time. Like "1300 hours" for 1:00 PM.
  • We also include military time conversion charts and examples to boost your understanding.

Now let's dive in and master military time conversions!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Military Time Converter

Our intuitive military time converter tool allows you to quickly translate time formats in either direction.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Head to our handy military time converter section below.
  2. Choose the time conversion direction you need:
    • Standard to military time
    • Military to standard time
  3. Enter your time in the correct format:
    • For standard time, use colons and select AM or PM
    • For military time, use 4 digits and no colons
  4. Our tool instantly calculates and displays the converted time!

For example, to convert 3:15 PM to military time:

  1. Select the "Standard to military time" option.
  2. Enter 3:15 PM into the standard time field.
  3. The converted military time appears: 15:15 hours!

That's all there is to it. Our calculator does the work for you.

Give it a try and convert any time back and forth between standard and military formats.

Converting Standard Time to Military Time

When converting standard 12-hour clock time to military time, here are some key tips:

  • Add 12 hours to any PM time. So 5:00 PM becomes 17:00 hours.
  • If the time is AM, just remove the colon. Like 8:15 AM = 0815 hours.
  • Don't forget leading zeros for times before 10:00. For example 9:30 AM is 0930.

Our tool takes care of all these details automatically. Give it a spin!

Converting Military Time to Standard Time

To switch from military time to regular time aka standard AM/PM time:

  • For 1200 to 2359 hours, subtract 12 hours and add PM. So 14:00 becomes 2:00 PM.
  • For 0000 to 1159 hours, remove leading zeros and add AM. 0500 is 5:00 AM.
  • Midnight and noon are special cases:
    • 0000 hours is 12:00 AM
    • 1200 hours is 12:00 PM

Again, our calculator handles these conversions instantly without you needing to think about it. Give it a try!

Military Time Converter

Our Calculator Does All the Math For You!

The beauty of our tool is that it does all the work for you. No more struggling to remember whether to add/subtract 12 hours or how to handle midnight and noon manually.

We take care of all that complexity behind the scenes so you can effortlessly translate between standard and military time formats.

Whether you need to convert simple military time schedules, log hours at work, tell time like the pros, or master the 24-hour clock, our converter has your back!

Give it a spin and translate any time in seconds.

Military Time Conversion Chart and How to Read Military Hours

In addition to our converter, we've also created supplemental resources based on a 24 hour clock to boost your military time skills.

First we have a quick reference military time chart, followed by tips for pronouncing and communicating using military time.

Quick Reference Military Time Chart

Use this military time conversion chart for a speedy overview translating between standard and military time formats:

Standard TimeMilitary Time
12:00 AM0000
1:00 AM0100
2:00 AM0200
3:00 AM0300
4:00 AM0400
5:00 AM0500
6:00 AM0600
7:00 AM0700
8:00 AM0800
9:00 AM0900
10:00 AM1000
11:00 AM1100
12:00 PM1200
1:00 PM1300
2:00 PM1400
3:00 PM1500
4:00 PM1600
5:00 PM1700
6:00 PM1800
7:00 PM1900
8:00 PM2000
9:00 PM2100
10:00 PM2200
11:00 PM2300

Pronouncing and Communicating Military Time

Military time uses a commonly used, but specific pronunciation and communication style:

  • Hours are pronounced in "hundreds", like "sixteen hundred" for 16:00.
  • Leading zeros are said as "zero", so 08:15 is "zero eight fifteen".
  • Minutes are generally said as a full number, like "fifteen" rather than "one-five".
  • The colon can be omitted in written communication, like 1615 instead of 16:15.
  • Other military time conventions exist like time zones, but the above covers the basics.

Using this military time syntax clearly distinguishes it from standard time. Our converter helps you translate what time something is happening, while this guide helps you effectively communicate it.

Real World Examples and FAQs on how to Convert Military Time

To help boost your skills, here are some real world examples of using military time along with answers to common questions.

What Time is 1700 Hours in Standard Time?

If you see a military time like 1700 hours, how do you know what it means in standard AM/PM time?

Using our converter, you can instantly translate it:

  • Enter 1700 into the military time field
  • Select the "Military to standard time" option
  • The tool displays the standard time: 5:00 PM

So 1700 hours means 5:00 PM. Our calculator makes conversions easy.

How to Convert Minutes to Decimal Military Time

Military time can also represent fractional hours and minutes. Minutes are shown as decimal fractions of an hour like this:

  • 1 minute = 0.02 hours
  • 10 minutes = 0.17 hours
  • 30 minutes = 0.50 hours

So 6 hours and 30 minutes would be 6.50 hours in decimal military time.

Our military minutes converter handles these decimal conversions too.

Common Military Time Questions Answered

Q: What is midday in military time?
A: Midday is 1200 hours in military time.

Q: How do you say 0300 hours? A: "Zero three hundred hours".

Q: Is 0000 midnight or noon? A: 0000 refers to midnight in military time.

Q: What does 1815 mean in military time? A: 1815 hours means 6:15 PM.

Q: How do you convert minutes to military time? A: Divide minutes by 60. So 30 minutes = 0.50 hours.

Q: Is 2400 a real military time? A: Yes, 2400 is a real military time. However, it is more commonly used to refer to the end of a day, rather than midnight.

Hopefully these examples provide some real world context around using military time. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Put Our Military Time Converter and Military Time Chart to Use

Understanding military time helps remove AM/PM ambiguity and prevents miscommunication. Our tool makes those 24-hour conversions easy.

Whether you're trying to read a military schedule, convert minutes for work, or simply want to understand the 24-hour format better, our calculator has you covered.

Give it a try and convert any standard or military time in seconds! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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