Those in the armed forces are looking for a spouse who shares their values and way of life. Although everyone has their own tastes, most people who join the military share some characteristics. A civilian interested in dating or marrying a service member would do well to familiarize themselves with the traits valued by military personnel.

So, what do military guys look for in a girl and more importantly what to members of the military look for in a partner? Loyalty is highly valued by military people as a partner quality. Having a partner who is dedicated to you and your purpose is vital for morale in the military, which is why this is the case. Because they may be gone from home for long stretches of time, service members appreciate partners who can handle themselves financially and independently.

They also value a strong feeling of patriotism in a potential companion. This is because those who answer the call to serve their country in the armed forces are typically very patriotic and dedicated to the ideals that the country stands for. Military personnel often find that civilians who share their deep sense of patriotism and dedication to serving their country make excellent life partners.

Recognizing the Military Way of Life

Those who opt to join the military should be prepared for the uniqueness and difficulty of military life and be willing to devote themselves fully to it. Understanding the military lifestyle and the difficulties associated with it is crucial for figuring out what military guys are looking for in a girl, and vice versa.

When Your Partner Has to be Deployed

The service member's partner may also face difficulties during the service member's deployment, which is an unavoidable part of military life. Couples in the military often experience long periods of separation and little communication when they have to be deployed. A thriving relationship during this time requires a deep level of dedication and trust from both partners. Maintaining emotional resilience and open communication can help couples navigate the challenges of deployment and emerge stronger as they eagerly anticipate their reunion.

Military partners being deployed from their loved ones

Moving Apart and Being Apart

Relocation is a common aspect of military life, and it may be difficult on both the service person and their family. It's never easy to uproot your life and start over, but frequent relocations can force you to do just that. Whether for training, deployment, or some other reason, the military way of life often involves separation.

Did You Know: Depending on several factors, military personnel can be deployed as often as once every 20 months with deployment lengths ranging anywhere from 90 days up to 15 months.

Trust and Loyalty: Why They're So Vital

Having mutual trust and loyalty is crucial in any relationship, but it is especially vital in a military one. You want a spouse who will be faithful and understanding no matter what comes your way in the military. A large component of a service member's identity and sense of purpose is their loyalty to the military and the mission.

In conclusion, anyone considering a relationship with a military soldier would do well to educate themselves about the military culture. Challenges like when your partner deploys, relocates, and or separates call for dedication and understanding on both sides of the relationship. Military members value trust and loyalty highly in a companion.

Qualities a Military Guy and Gal Look For in a Military Relationship

What do military guys looks for in a girls and visa versa

Strong and resilient qualities are often sought after by both sexes in the military. They're looking for someone tough enough to withstand the rigors of military service, from extended periods of being deployed and frequent movements to the emotional toll of active warfare. A spouse who can rise to these challenges with dignity and fortitude is invaluable.


Military members value independence in a significant other. They need someone who can look after them and their loved ones when they have to be deployed. This includes being able to take care of the home, handle the bills, and make major choices without consulting their partner.

Compassion and endurance

Being in the military may be unpredictable and stressful, so having a partner with these traits is invaluable. Soldiers look for civilians who can appreciate the challenges they face and the risks they take for their country. They also seek a partner who can be comforted and reassured by them in times of difficulty.

In conclusion, service members look for partners who are not just capable and self-reliant, but also kind and understanding. These characteristics are important for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship in spite of the hardships of military service.

Things You Should Know Before You Date a Military Man or Woman

Dating a member of the armed forces can be an adventure, but it also has its disadvantages. If you're interested in dating a member of the military, some considerations to keep in mind when dating a military girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Prolonged absences: service members' frequent deployments raise the possibility that they will be away from home for an extended amount of time. Maintaining open lines of communication and mutual support is essential throughout this challenging period when dating a military guy or girl.
  • Flexibility: Situations and orders in the military might change at any time. When dating someone who is a member of the armed forces, it's important to be versatile.
  • Respect for Rules and Regulations: There is a tendency for military people to carry over their respect for rules and regulations from their training into their civilian lives. Recognize and appreciate the value they place on ritual and tradition.
  • Strong Sense of Duty: Military troops have a deep sense of obligation to serve their country and their fellow military members. Sometimes this means prioritizing work above other things, but you should always respect and appreciate their dedication.
  • Physical Fitness: Maintaining one's physical fitness, whether through rigorous exercise or careful diet, is a mandatory requirement for military members. Their efforts to improve their health should be commended and encouraged.

Dating a member of the armed forces can be enjoyable, but it also needs tolerance, openness, and flexibility in the face of the many problems that come with the military way of life.

What Kind of Support Does an Army Guy or Girl Like?

Having a partner who understands and supports your military lifestyle can make a world of difference. Partners who can help military members cope with life changes are often sought after.

Compassionate Care

Stress is a normal part of the military way of life, but having someone to talk to about how you're feeling can be a huge benefit. A caring companion can be there to hear out their worries, cheer them on, and provide emotional support. Service members seek a life partner who can help them through the challenges of military service and be there for them when they need support. Having a supportive partner can make all the difference in maintaining mental well-being and resilience during their military journey. The bond between a service member and their life partner can be a source of strength and comfort throughout their military career.

Military boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands

Assistance during Change

Having a partner who is understanding and patient is helpful in adjusting to the upheaval of the military way of life. Helping service members adjust to their new home is a partner who is open-minded and prepared to try new things. They want for someone who is prepared to make sacrifices for the relationship and who can provide practical support during transitions like packing and unpacking.

In conclusion, service members seek a life partner who will be there for them emotionally and guide them through times of change. Having someone who cares about you and wants you to succeed in the military can make all the difference in the world.

The Common Principles Military Couples Look For in a Girl or Guy

Having values in common is essential when forming relationships with service members. People who have been in the military tend to regard duty, honor, and integrity highly, and they seek partners who feel the same way. This is due to the fact that having a spouse who appreciates and respects one's military commitments can make all the difference while facing the challenges of the military lifestyle.

As previously mentioned loyalty is a top core value amongst military people. Even if they are apart for training or deployment, they need to feel that their partner still cares deeply about them and the relationship. Because of the importance of being able to trust one another in the military, honesty and trustworthiness are also crucial qualities.

Did You Know: A Karney, B.R., & Crown, J.S. (2007) study found that commitment, trust, and communication were ranked as the most important factors for marital satisfaction among military spouses.

The willingness to take risks is another quality highly valued by military members. They seek a life partner who is excited by the prospect of exploring the world and trying new things as much as they are, as the military lifestyle frequently requires. A partner shouldn't go out of their way to try dangerous activities, but they should be interested in learning about and experiencing new things.

Finally, a sense of community and service is highly valued by many military members. They are looking for someone who will back them up in the military and is active in the community. Being a good neighbor, helping out the community, and/or volunteering are all examples of this kind of activity.

Overall, it's necessary for any couple to share common ideals, but it's especially crucial for those in the military. Having someone who understands and supports their commitment to the military and their ideals of loyalty, honesty, adventure, and service is invaluable.

The Importance of Talking to One Another

Communication is important in a military relationship

For military spouses, communication may even be as important than in other relationships. Members of the armed forces look for civilian partners who are good communicators. They need someone who can sympathize with the hardships of the military way of life and help them through it.

Couples in the military who are able to effectively communicate with one another are better able to weather the challenges of separation. It allows individuals to talk about how they're really feeling without worrying about what other people would think. As a result, they are better able to make life-altering decisions as a unit.

Servicemen and women appreciate civilians who can convey information clearly and concisely. Someone who can listen attentively, get their meaning, and reply suitably is essential. Partners that are able to speak their minds openly and honestly are highly valued.

Military personnel place a high priority on both verbal and nonverbal channels of communication. They read nonverbal cues such as gestures, facial expressions, and vocal inflection carefully. They seek for companions whose non-verbal clues are as potent as, if not more so than, their own words.

Overall, it's vital for military couples to be able to communicate well with one another. As a result, they are better able to establish mutual regard and appreciation. It helps them cope with the stresses of the military lifestyle and develop a loving, supportive bond.

Wrapping Up What a Military Girl or Military Guy Likes in a Partner

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, in a nutshell, want a life partner who gets them and will be there for them when they need it. Physical appearance is not the most crucial quality in a lifelong companion. Instead, traits like loyalty, independence, and adaptability are highly prized.

The challenges of the military lifestyle, such as extended deployments and numerous changes, necessitate a companion who is up for the challenge. Someone who is encouraging and accepting of their obligations, and who can hold down the fort in their absence, is highly valued.

In a military partnership, communication is also crucial. Members of the armed forces are looking for a civilian partner who can communicate openly and honestly, as well as listen to and appreciate their unique viewpoint. They seek a companion who will listen to them openly and offer comfort in times of stress.

Finally, servicemen and women are on the hunt for a life mate who can truly understand and appreciate them. They want someone who can take risks and isn't afraid to attempt anything new. They want a lifelong companion as well as an adventurous buddy.

While servicemen and women certainly value different qualities in a companion, they are all searching for someone who can be a reliable teammate in all aspects of life. Anyone can be a good fit for a service member on the hunt for love, given the correct set of qualities and attributes.