Welcome to a world of gratitude and rewards tailored just for you, the heroes in uniform. If you're serving or have served in the military, chances are you're always on the lookout for ways your commitment to our country can bring added value to your life, especially when it comes to big investments like buying a car.

You might not know that Honda honors your service with an exclusive Military Discount designed to help make driving off in a new vehicle more affordable.

The Honda military discount has a way of saying 'thank you' is packed with benefits – imagine saving $500 on any 2023 or newer model! This discount could be the key to unlocking substantial savings for active duty members, veterans, and spouses when opting for a brand-new Honda.

In this blog post, we'll explore who qualifies for these perks, what documents you need handy, and just how simple it is to trim dollars off your purchase. Ready? Let's discover together how this generous offer can steer you toward great savings—and a smoother ride ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • The Honda Military Discount offers a $500 savings on any new, untitled 2023 or newer Honda model for active duty, reserve, veterans, and their spouses.
  • To use the discount at a participating dealership, provide necessary documents like military ID, recent LES (for active members), or DD Form 214 (for retired/separated).
  • Eligible customers can apply the $500 savings toward down payment assistance or cost reduction when financing or leasing through Honda Financial Services®.

What is the Honda Military Discount?

Discover the benefits of the Honda Military Discount, a special offer designed to honor your service with significant savings on your next vehicle purchase. This program acknowledges the commitment of military personnel and their spouses by providing an exclusive $500 discount on select new Honda automobiles.

Honda military discount

$500 savings offer for qualified military members and their spouses

Get $500 off when you buy or lease a new Honda! This special military appreciation offer is for active duty members, veterans, and their spouses. If you are in the service or have served your country, Honda wants to say thank you with this discount.

It's available on any 2023 or newer car models.

Just show your valid military ID or other proof of service when you visit a Honda dealership. Your spouse can also take advantage of this great deal if they provide the right documents.

Choose from all sorts of shiny new Hondas and enjoy some well-deserved savings today!

Only applicable for new and untitled 2023 or newer Honda models

The Honda Military Discount shines bright for those looking to drive off in the latest models. Your $500 can go towards any fresh, straight-from-the-factory 2023 or just-released newer model Honda vehicle.

Picture sliding behind the wheel of a brand-new car with that new-car smell and state-of-the-art features. Whether you lease or purchase, this offer makes it more affordable to enjoy what's cutting-edge on four wheels.

Every cent counts when planning your next ride. Make sure your military appreciation offer stretches as far as possible by choosing a vehicle that's never been owned before—a shining example of innovation waiting for you on the lot.

Now let's talk about who exactly can take advantage of this deal and what documents you'll need to bring along.

Eligibility and Required Documents

Eligibility and Required Documents: If you're a service member or the spouse of one, it's essential to understand how to qualify for the Honda Military Discount. You'll need specific documentation on hand that confirms your military status before you can unlock these exclusive savings on your next vehicle.

Let’s make sure you have everything in order for a smooth journey toward purchasing your new Honda.

Eligibility includes active duty, reserve, and retired military members and their spouses

You and your family have served our country, and now it's time for some well-deserved appreciation. If you're active duty, a reserve member, a military retiree or the spouse of someone who is, you could save $500 on a new Honda.

Like with most military discounts, it doesn't matter if you're in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard – this offer stands strong for all branches.

Just bring proof that you’re eligible when you visit us. This could be your military ID or LES if you’re still serving. Are you retired? Your DD Form 214 will do the trick. Plus, don’t forget to let us know if your spouse will use this discount too! We respect what military families sacrifice and this is one way we can say thank you.

Required documents may include military ID, LES, and DD Form 214

Once you confirm your eligibility for the Honda Military Discount, gather your essential documents. Here's what you'll need:

  • Military ID: Your current military identification card proves you're in service. Keep it handy.
  • LES (Leave and Earnings Statement): This document shows your pay and leave status. It must be recent.
  • DD Form 214: If retired or separated from active duty, this form is a must to show proof of service.

How to Use the Honda Military Discount

To take advantage of the Honda Military Discount, simply head to your local participating dealership. With the necessary documentation in hand, you'll be set to apply the discount and enjoy significant savings on your next Honda vehicle.

Honda military discount

Visit a participating Honda dealership

Head to your local participating Honda dealership to use the military discount. Bring along all necessary documents, such as your military ID or DD214. Show these to the dealer and let them know you want the $500 Honda Military Appreciation Offer.

This offer is for buying or leasing a new Honda vehicle.

Make sure you talk about financing through Honda Financial Services if you're interested in a loan or lease. Ask them how to apply your discount towards the down payment or cap cost reduction on your chosen model from 2023 or newer.

Your dealer is ready to help with any questions about this special savings opportunity for military families like yours!

Present required documents and mention the military discount

After you arrive at a participating Honda dealership, it's time to show your military ID or other proof of service. Bring your latest Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) if you're an active member.

If you've retired or separated from active duty, have your DD Form 214 ready. Your spouse should also bring proof of their relationship to you if they're using the discount.

Let the dealer know right away that you want to use the Honda Military Discount. This deal gives you $500 off any new and untitled 2023 or newer model year Honda vehicle when financed or leased through HFS (Honda Financial Services®).

Use this special offer as cost reduction or down payment assistance on your next car lease or purchase, showing appreciation for your service.

Apply the $500 savings towards a new Honda vehicle purchase or lease

Save big on a shiny new Honda with your military discount. Show the dealership your documents and use your $500 savings for a down payment. Whether you buy or lease, this offer makes getting into a newer model year Honda automobile easier.

Treat yourself to an upgrade while honoring your service.

Choose from any 2023 or newer Honda vehicle at the dealership. Your hard-earned discount helps lower monthly payments whether you finance or lease through Honda Financial Services®.

Get behind the wheel of a car that fits both your needs and budget—and drive off feeling valued for your dedication to our country. Now, let's move on to learn what's needed to confirm you're eligible for these well-deserved savings.


You've learned about Honda's Military Discount. If you serve, or you're a veteran, or a military spouse, this deal is for you. Show your valid documents at a Honda dealership—you could save $500 on a new car! Think of it as Honda's way to say thanks for your service.

This discount makes owning that shiny new vehicle even sweeter. Go ahead and take the next step—visit your local dealer and grab those savings today!


1. What is the Honda Military Discount?

The Honda Military Discount is a $500 offer toward any 2023 or newer Honda automobile for eligible U.S. military individuals and their spouses when you finance through Honda Financial Services.

2. Who can get the military discount from Honda?

Active duty service members, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and ready reserve personnel as well as military veterans within two years of separation from active service and Gold Star family members qualify for this discount.

3. How do I show proof for the Honda Military Appreciation Offer?

Buyers must provide proof of their military service or relationship by presenting a Leave and Earnings Statement or other documentation to meet the criteria set by Honda Financial Services.

4. Can my spouse use the discount if I am in the military?

Yes! Spouses of eligible U.S. service members can take advantage of this appreciation offer per vehicle with proper proof of relationship.

5. Are there any specific terms to understand about this discount?

The $500 can be used toward cap cost reduction or down payment assistance on an installment finance contract or lease with zero due at signing lease options available for well-qualified clients under certain conditions.

6. What should I do if my address changes during my term with a financed vehicle?

You must notify Honda Financial Services immediately of any change in your address to maintain your eligibility under the terms of your retail installment finance contract or lease agreement.

7. How can I show my appreciation for your military service when buying a Honda?

You can use the $500 Honda military appreciation offer toward any 2023 Honda when you finance or lease.

8. What are the eligibility details for the $500 Honda military appreciation offer per vehicle?

You must meet the military appreciation offer criteria as active duty military, military ready reserve, coast guard, active reserve, or be a military veteran/spouse within one year of separation.

9. Does taking my Honda outside the United States impact the military appreciation offer terms?

The buyer may not take their vehicle outside the united states without prior Honda financial services written consent.

10. When can the Honda $500 toward any 2023 military appreciation offer be terminated?

This military active duty and veteran offer may be terminated at any time per Honda, see your dealer for full program details.